Life after Epiphany


Celebrating the ANZAC spirit on the centenary of the Gallipoli landing

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 9.34.08 pmOur Prime Minister’s speech at the Gallipoli Dawn Service for ANZAC Day was hands down the best address I’ve heard him give under any circumstances ever. Very moving, a fitting tribute. Thank you, Mr Abbott.

“Today, all of us who have not been tested in war salute all of those who have… Because they rose to their challenges, we believe that it’s a little easier for us to rise to ours.” ~ Mr Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia (25/4/15)

As dawn broke behind the podium from which the speech was addressed, Mr Abbott’s pauses were punctuated by the chirping of morning birds… the stillness and the peace were in and of themselves a celebration of what our fallen have forged for us. 100 years ago today, at that very spot, people were slaughtering one another on that beach. Today, those who were once foes – now friends – offered us hospitality and stood with us in silent unity and respect for the sacrifices of those who lay down their lives for their friends and countrymen.

The shield in the picture is the shield of my former unit, from my time some years back in the RAAF Active Reserve. The motto of 22SQN is “Adsum”, which carries the notion of “I’m here, I’ve got your back” which is quite a good summary of the function of a reserve unit. I am no longer in service and will never be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice that our ANZACS made. I have never been tested in war – but I salute those of you who have. I thank you for the Australia that you made possible.

We will remember you.
Lest we forget.