Life after Epiphany



I travelled to the other side of the world and left my family, my home and my possessions, convinced that God was calling me.

He was… but not to religious life.

Rather, He was calling me to a deep conversion of heart, one that was brought about by a personal encounter with Him unlike any encounter I have ever experienced before.

SCT_StandingI lived religious life for 1.5 years. I wore a habit and was known by another name, a beautiful name reminding me of the constant intercession on my behalf of two of my personal patron saints: Catherine of Siena and Therese of Lisieux. This was a time of discernment, formation and growth. Like Peter, James and John, I was priveleged to be in an intimate setting with the Lord on the mountain… I wanted to pitch a tent and remain there with Him. Again like Peter, James and John, there came a time for me when I had to come back down off the mountain and return to life on the plain… but with a different outlook. Like the Magi who sought Christ and travelled from afar to see Him, I too had to leave the place of encounter and return to my land, but by a different way. There is a sense in which I have seen the Lord and can never be the same again.

This blog is a part of my attempt to figure out how lay life works after an encounter such as the one that I had. It is one gigantic reflection on what it means to encounter Christ and then to get on with the business of living for love of Him, sharing Him with all whom I meet.

If you chance across this blog, please pray for me! Please also pray for:

  • The Holy Father and His brother Bishops
  • The suffering – whether they be the sick, the elderly or the lonely
  • priests and religious
  • seminarians and religious-in-formation

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I shall pray also for you as you work through your Theology PhD studies. God bless!

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