Life after Epiphany

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So it’s been a while…

A year, give or take.

What have I been doing? Well, once I decided to pursue a PhD, I realised that I’d somehow have to support myself in the meantime. My existing qualifications suit a fast-paced IT career, but you just can’t juggle an IT career and a PhD in theology and do a half-decent job at either! I decided that my skills were portable into the realms of librarianship, and decided to set about gaining a qualification to work in a library. I’m hoping that this will be an enjoyable interim career that is conducive to winding back to part-time shift work whilst I set about my studies. Thus, in the past year, I have gone and acquired another Masters degree… around a demanding, full-time job as a Business Systems Analyst for a Catholic agency. In a mere 22 days (or sooner, if I can pull it off!) I will submit my final research paper, marking the completion of this degree.  To say that the pace has been insane is an understatement – it has been hard! But sometimes we do what is hard. Thus, my radio silence.

It would appear time to break said radio silence… on the feast of one of the great Evangelists, St. Luke!

Rather than do that here, I chose to do that as a guest-writer for a not-for-profit organisation who are doing wonderful things at the service of those who have left religious life or the seminary. The Leonie’s Longing ministry have been around for about 18 months now, seeking to build community, support structures and provide other assistance for people adjusting back into life out in the world, assimilating the lessons learned in convent or seminary into their “new normal” and trying to figure out how to serve the God they love so much in ways other than what they had thought the plan would be.

Check out their website! You’ll find my guest-blog here, on their site: