Life after Epiphany

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the end of an era.

There are some in Australia right now who mourn the end of an era of government.

I am NOT among them, and look forward with (measured) hope to better times under the new Coalition government, even if my own electorate is stuck with a member of the opposition holding our seat. I intend to be an active constituent and make her work for the right to be there, put it that way. As far as I can tell, she is not on EMILY’s List, and that is encouraging, at least.

But really… lets put things in perspective.


It truly IS the end of an era… because THE BEATLES GRAFFITI WALL has been knocked down!! Since 2002 I’ve enjoyed it each morning that I’ve passed it on the roads. And now its gone! Add it to the list of Great Beatles Sites that No Longer Exist.

Some walls simply have to come down. The Berlin Wall – it had to go. But really? The harmless Beatles wall that lent such delight to the morning commute?

This Sydney driver mourns.



Sharing a quirk from my daily drive to work: The Beatles and urban art

imageJust had to share. I’ve been driving past a Smash Repairs shop for years… Since back in the days when I was an undergraduate. In 2002 possibly the worlds coolest graffiti image of The Beatles appeared on the wall to this shop. This is one of the little things that put a smile on my face each morning during my 1.5hour commute to work.