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Feminists fighting females, socialists being anti-social… the types of people who think abortion is OK


I was on retreat this weekend. I switched my phone off, I left my laptop at home – I voluntarily disengaged from all news and contact with the outside world for 2 short but precious days of silence, prayer, and growth.

I returned home from that relative calm to read a report of chaos and violence in the following article:

As I read the observations reported of what transpired in Melbourne during the annual March for Babies, I have to admit that as disgusted as I was, I wasn’t really all that surprised. This behaviour is GENTLE compared with the murderous practices for which these people are campaigning.

Fanatical feminists attacking women whose opinions differ from their own; socialists denying the right of ordinary people to rally against oppression… it is no wonder that the journalist reporting felt the need to conclude that the left in Australia is the “natural home of the totalitarian and the bully.” That is precisely what we are seeing here.

In this demonstration I saw socialists and feminists betray almost every principle they profess to hold.     ~ Andrew Bolt

Let it be understood that I am not promoting the right side of politics in Australia either. Both extremes are far from perfect and both hold unconscionable views on a range of issues of ethical import. On the issue of abortion, however, the ideological opposition to truth, goodness and beauty does appear to have its primary thrust from the left.

As we pray and work and try to make Australia better, there is something important that I think we need to keep in mind. Our well-intentioned efforts to make the world a better place can result in consequentialist behaviour, in the loss of our own ability to love God and others, if we go about things the wrong way. Father Paul Scalia teaches on this far better than I could, and so I direct you to his article and sincerely recommend that you read it with an open heart, lest we who wish to see peace fall casualty to our own battle against evil:


2 thoughts on “Feminists fighting females, socialists being anti-social… the types of people who think abortion is OK

  1. P.S. Apologies for the structural, grammatical and spelling mistakes. Eek!

  2. I don’t think you’re being fair. There are ugly sides to human behaviour from all spectrums. The right to peaceable public and political protest is important in any democracy and it’s awful when persons violate this, such as with the violent behaviour that you and the referenced article describe.

    However as with any picture there are more lens through which one can view the situation. I can guarantee that there were many, many more persons who strongly believe in the right of a woman to abortion who knowingly chose to stay home and out of the way of the march, thereby respecting the right to a voice of those who did March For The Babies.

    You’ve used an opinion piece written by Andrew Bolt as your source, a big hard-line right-wing public profile who, in all public media that I’ve seen, has always vilified the left political voice. But citing one biased account of objectively poor behaviour as a criticism of leftist movement as a whole and concluding that it is a home for bullies is like citing instances of priests committing child abuse and the scandals of how some of those instances have been dealt with, then concluding that the Catholic (or other demoninational) Church is a home for paedophiles.

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