Life after Epiphany

Taking all things and rendering them unto Christ… thank you to all who make cyberspace a place where the Lord can work in us!

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I found out last night that my grandmother had been diagnosed with cancer, and that due to her heart condition, her pacemaker and the advanced state of some other health complications, the usual avenues of treatment were possibly not open to her.

I tweeted a very simple prayer request.

Less than 2 minutes later I had an overwhelming number of responses and retweets popping up from not just the people who follow me, but from people who follow people who follow me, people I have no connection with whatsoever.

I was just overwhelmed at the Body of Christ in action even in cyberspace.

Electronic communities can never replace good, in-person human relationships. But where electronic connections DO exist, it is a beautiful thing to see that they are being used to further the Kingdom. We hear a lot about cyber-bulling and other negatives. I thought it was heart-warming to see that much good can also be achieved in an online setting.

Blessed be God! And thank you to all who pray for my grandmother. I ask that the Lord bless you even as He blesses her.

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